Optimism has always been one of the top qualities I’ve had. I’ve always been hoping what opportunities could come directly towards me with the hard work into those goals. I will consider my life valuable if my success criteria are met. The three main goals that I want to pursue are becoming either an animator or a senior concept artist, transitioning from female to male and having a “family”. To begin, art and cartoons have always been a part of my life from childhood up until now. My father was a graphic designer for a few companies in my hometown, New York. Unfortunately, his business wasn’t successful due to the lack of 99papers reviews  from viewers. On the other hand, he did influence me with various types of software and demonstrated videos of artists painting fictional characters such as Spiderman.

He would tell me many 99 papers review of his childhood and I would illustrate them based on the details. My father and I would watch cartoons together such as Tom and Jerry, Animaniacs, Dexter's Laboratory,

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