I was at home on a Tuesday night

I was at home on a Tuesday night and I heard my cell phone ring. It was my grandma. She told me she wasn't feeling well. I went over to her house. The aroma in her house was like fresh baked cookies. She was sitting in her creaky rocking chair. I went into the kitchen to grab my grandma and I some ice, cold water. I noticed a guy was watching me from his window. I shut the blinds quickly and walked away confused and scared. Later that day and I was doing dishes and I noticed he was watching again. I was starting to get worried. I asked my grandma if she had ever talked to him. She said she hadn’t, and that he moved in recently. She didn’t think he had kids or a family.

I went back to my house and the next day I got a call. It was from a guy saying that there was ambulances at my grandmas house. I drove over to her house as quick as i could.

I saw her on a stretcher. I saw the guy watching out his window again, it's like he was glaring at me. I knew he had something to do with it. The police said they didn't know what had happened, but when they got there the back door was open and there was blood on the carpet.

They had a detective come out and there was a knife found under the rug, not like a kitchen knife. It was a knife that would only be used if someone had intentions of harming someone. It was in the living room where my grandma also was found. The rug was a bright red. I couldn't believe what just had happened. The paramedics said she wasn’t breathing and she had gotten murdered.

A few days later I was watching the news. There was a news report on what had
happened. I decided to let the police know about how the guy was always watching from the window and since they didn't know who did it I thought this could maybe help them. A few days later there was another murder reported it had taken place a few houses away from my grandmas.

The police went to question the neighbor, but they couldn't prove he was guilty so they couldn't arrest him.

A few weeks had gone by and it was Thursday night, I was watching the news and it talking about the recent lives lost and I saw my grandmas and the neighbor on her street. Suddenly I heard my doorknob start to move and shake. I didn’t know what to do I froze up. A few seconds later I heard the door creak, and with a loud crash it was open. I yelled so loud and the last thing I saw was a stabbing sharp blade.

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