Politics and youth: can young leaders change the situation

Despite the fact that young people from 18 to 30 make up over 50% of the population in many countries, they often stay away from the decision making in modern politics and not because they want to. In fact, they struggle to be respected by public officials who consider them lacking the skills and experience to take part in political activities and become true leaders who can bring a positive impact to their communities. Combined with different limitations and restrictions in education and economics, young people can be left behind and fail to change something in today`s society.

Real situation in political systems

If you have ever written an essay in Political Science or had to pay for college essay in Sociology, you probably know about the problem of young leaders in the existing political system. Today youth has to fight for an opportunity to participate in political processes, offer practical solutions and share their opinions. Although young people keep demonstrating their willingness and ability to bring positive changes, experienced politicians are still against such contributions.
Many countries today desperately need young and energetic leaders to develop faster but the current stable system is not ready for such modifications. Almost all major political members are influenced by old leaders who kind of gained a monopoly in the government. They control all activities and do not want to share their power with younger people in their 30s or 40s. Of course, we do not mean that old and experienced politicians should go off the stage. They have to guide young leaders and help them. However, we need to allow youth to take part in elections and win.

Benefits of young leaders

The main reason why many small countries see their government fail lots of times lies in the archaic system controlled by old people who have been doing the same things for years. It is all powered by never-ending corruption, economic instability, poor management and not understanding the real reasons for not progressing in decades. The most significant factor is that all these people making decisions for the whole country are little educated, old, never retiring, have outdated views and just want money.
Major political parties hardly give any space to their younger competitors to become members of their teams mainly due to the lack of confidence and greed for power. Meanwhile, growing up in the modern environment, today youth is open-minded, more liberal and less interested in ethnic, sex, and religious discrimination. Having young people involved in social and political works will help the countries experience new positive changes that they have not seen for years.
Of course, lack of experience can become a problem but receiving enough guidance and mentorship, young people can become real leaders and help the country grow and prosper. Establishing young parties will help to keep the balance in the government and give youth an opportunity to demonstrate their skills by taking their own decisions. Maybe a new approach is something that can shake up the current political system and finally bring some changes.