The most famous political couples

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There are political couples who are considered powerful, influential and popular. It could be because of their deeds, rules, advocacies, and personalities. These couples can have a great influence on their people and keep the society together. When you look at these political couples, you will understand why they are considered the best.

Popular Political Couples

1. John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy

This political couple from 1963 has changed the course of history during their time. President JFK is one of the most famous elected officials during their time, and his wife shared the same influence with the people.

2. Cleopatra and Julius Caesar

Cleopatra is the richest and most powerful woman to be in the throne as the pharaoh. When Julius Caesar and the Romans have reached their territory, she still managed to be seated in power by being the lover of the ruler.

3. Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan

The wife has become the emperor’s adviser and head of their family. When she died in 1631, the husband named a temple after her which we all know as the Taj Mahal and still remains as one of the Seven Wonders of the World up to the present.

4. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

At the age of 25, Queen Elizabeth coronation happened and since then, the couple has served their royal duties hand in hand. They have a running married life of 70 years and with the kind of controversies that came with it, there are lots of good things they have done for their people.

5. Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt

President Franklin Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor were married for 28 years before they headed to the white house back in 1933. They served their constituents by championing foreign and domestic matters. While Franklin was sealing his legacy in the US, Eleanor was doing her best as the first lady to address matters of women’s rights and giving them opportunities through gender equality. Their story is unusual because of the great tandem that they had. Through thick and thin, they managed to put their names in history and people will remember them because of the inspiration they brought to all.

6. Hillary and Bill Clinton

This famous and powerful couple has a record of 40 years in politics. During their time, both of them have their own agendas and making sure that they give the best to their constituents through satisfaction and priorities.
There are still a lot of political couples worldwide that people look up to from past to present. These couples became popular because of what they have offered and given to the people. And they remain in the hearts of the people who they have helped and inspired.