The Top 5 Dating Tips for Men

Are you one of those single guys who are sometimes turned down by a girl you are pursuing? Perhaps you are the kind of guy that is too shy and doesn’t have any confidence to approach a woman. Or, you are having a too strong personality that’s why women are too intimidated to date you. Nowadays, many dating sites such as wellhello are offering a great dating experience for all single men and women. If you are using any dating sites and the girl finally wants to meet you, what are the best things to do? Going out on a date can be exciting, yet complicated sometimes. What are the best outfits to wear? Where to date her? Are you going to call her later? With too many queries in your mind, it’s hard to concentrate on your upcoming date. So, to assist you in having a wonderful and successful date, here are the top 5 dating pieces of advice you should follow.

1. Shine with Confidence

If you are going on a date, always wear the confidence within you. Confidence can catch the attention of women and make you stand out and shine at your greatest. But be careful in showing too much of it. If you are a shy type of guy, it is best to practice conversing with her beforehand by chatting to some strangers. If you are already on a date, you can choose a topic that excites and stimulates your interest like a hobby, sports or other things. Your date will surely feel your self-confidence once she finds out that you are talking about it keenly. It is more attractive for a lady to see a man who is comfortable with his appearance and someone happy being him.

2. Strictly Turn off Your Phone

There is no doubt that it is very annoying to hear a phone ringing while having conversations with our friends and the same goes for a date. As much as possible, don’t put your phone on a silent or vibrate mode only, it is best to turn it off completely to avoid any distractions. If your woman notices that you turn off your gadget just to concentrate on your dialogue, rest assured that she will appreciate it with all her heart.

3. Make the Best First Impression

If you want to have a successful date, then you should make the best first impression. You should not pretend to be a person that is not you. Be yourself. Always make your appearance presentable. But, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will wear formal attire like a tuxedo or anything. Taking a shower, shaving a little and wearing some casual yet presentable clothes to have a decent start will work.

4. Keep a Light-Hearted and Fun Conversation

Since you are on the dating stage, it is best to keep a light-hearted and fun conversation. It is not advisable to take a deep and detailed discussion during the start of dating. Yes, there is no doubt that you are obliged to be serious sometimes, but if you are in the first stage of the relationship, having some fun is very important.

5. Never Talk About the Exes

Talking about exes is a very offensive thing. It is advisable to escape speaking about them. This topic will make your woman feel that you are not interested in her, and it can make her feel awkward. Make your lady feel that your former girlfriend is now part of your past and you are already willing to devote your time to get to know her better.
Meeting people from virtual dating sites like wellhello, bumble, etc. and in real life both require knowledge, time and effort to create a good relationship. We hope that all of the advice written above can help you achieve a successful and meaningful date.